Artist Statement

Painting with purpose and passion, I have found great enjoyment and freedom, over the past 6 years, with the palette knife and oil paint.

I often seek inspiration for a composition by driving through cities, small towns or rural landscapes with beautiful fields, spectacular skies, vibrant sunrises and sunsets, meandering rivers and more. It might be a charming old barn just off a country road, the quaint coffee shop tucked away in what was once a family home, or the abandoned rusty truck in a parking lot, it’s whatever creates emotion for me when I see and feel it. I then love the challenge of bringing out the personality and giving life to the story through texture, colors and knife strokes.

My greatest joy as an artist is to have someone express that my painting stirred emotion in them of a happy time in their life and was able, for a brief time, to take them back to that place.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Juried Art Shows and Recognitions